Guide to Play Spell Squad Game

Board game is one of the most popular with all ages. It is a nice game that helps to relieve stress or develop intelligence. There are many board games for you, if you like word games Spell Squad is one of the interesting game for you. In this article I will guide ways to play Spell Squad game.

The aim of this game is that you must use the letters to make valid words. Players will have more points for longer words. For each time playing player will be in a room with four others players.Spell Squad The difference of this game with other games is each player will has their own game board to work with them.

In boxes the game board has three rows, and on each line the number of boxes will not change. It is always three, four and five boxes. With these rows you will have to fill them with the letters. To do this you click “Spin” or enter key to get letters at a time. If you want to move letters around the board, you only by clicking and dragging them around.

Then you can exchange letters that you make for your teammates. You must click on the letter that you want to exchange and drag it to the letter you want in back. Your teammate will see a symbol Yes/No with an image which you are giving. Then the letters will be moved places if they select “Yes”. The same thing you will see the Yes/No symbol for someone sends you an exchange with an image of the letter which your teammate is creating. Depending on you can accept or not accept.

It is difficult for you to make the words that fit the lines completely. For example, with boxes have four or five you can not put three letters words into it. However, this will be accepted but you will not have any points for it.

Remember that with letters more than five words, you have to use more than one line. It looks like meaningless but when you see it into one word it make sense.

There are many useful tools that can help you in playing game. You can use Spell Squad word finder for difficult words. With Spell Squad word finder you will find all the words which can be created from set of letters. Spell squad help you form valid words of the letters on the boxes. When you can not think letters to form word, you should think to use Spell Squad word finder tool. When you use it you can learn more new words for your vocabulary. And you will have many interesting fun when playing game.

Now enjoy your favorite Spell Squad game easily and quickly with winster spell cheat. Playing Spell Squad is an excellent word game for many players in the world.

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